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Windscreen Replacements:


Did you know your windscreen is responsible for up to 30% of your vehicle's stength and structual rigidity? The windscreen in a modern vehicle has many more safety features than you may realise..... Not only does it support the vehicles structure in an accident but also most modern airbag systems require a properly fitted windscreen in order to deploy correctly and protect the vehicle's occupants. In addition to the direct safety features there are also many indirect electronic safety systems that appear on a modern windscreen..... They now carry sensors to activate your lights and/or wipers automatically as well as camera systems with lane departure warning and road sign recognition.


There are also many comfort features associated to your vehicle's glazing..... Heating elements can be found in both front and rear screens as can antenna's for your radio and built in satellite navigation systems. Interior anti fogging sensors are used internally to activate climate control systems which automatically de-mist your windows on cold or wet mornings. Tinted glass is now fitted as standard to almost all cars on sale today, normally green but sometimes blue and on older cars bronze, grey or clear may also be found. A special metallic coating is found on some modern windscreens (usually purple or blue in colour when viewed from the outside) that reflects solar rays and heat away from the interior of your car in the summer months. You may find that the top six to eight inches of your glass is slightly darker than the rest, this is called a top tint or sun strip and is normally grey, green or blue in colour.


As you can tell it's extremely important to insure your cracked windscreen is identified correctly then a new one fitted safely by a professional using premium products and well established robust proceedures. At Glass4cars Ltd we only have highly skilled staff with many years experience, unlike many of our competitors (especially the large national companies) we do not and will not have trainee's or inexperienced technicians perform your windscreen replacement, windscreen chip repair or any of our services to your vehicle.


We are able to supply any glass to fit just about every car on the road (subject to availability), whether that be a fresh from the showroom prestige marquee or a vintage restoration project and everything in between, we have the experience, expertise and skill to get you back on the road safely in no time. We can come to you at home, work or any other location that is convenient for you.






Fast and affordable.

No trainees or inexperienced staff.

We come to you at home or work.

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