Professional Headlight Restoration : ​

Over time plastic headlamp lenses can become cloudy and pitted causing the lens to absorb and diffuse the light instead of allowing it to pass through. This damage is caused by UV from the sun, salt/debris from the road surface and general wear and tear. 


This damage will lead to poor light production greatly reducing visability at night and also causing a diffused lighting pattern which can lead to your car failing its MOT test. Replacement headlamps on modern vehicles can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds to replace, luckily there is a solution to this problem.....


Our headlight restoration service is designed to massively improve the appearance and clarity of cars your lenses by removing the damaged top layer then polishing the newly revealed plastic back to a bright and clear finish. Please call now for a free no obligation quotation.


Side window mechanism & Leak detection/Remedy :

We can provide fault finding and remedial work to most if not all of the components associated with your vehicles glazing, this includes replacement of damaged/faulty/worn door glass mechanisms, leaking windscreen diagnosis and remedy and loose trims etc. Please call us for more info and a no obligation quotation.


Engine management light code reading and reset :

If your vehicle is displaying a fault we can connect to the on-board ecu (electronic control unit) and read the displayed fault codes which can be used to help diagnose the faulty component. Once the fault is rectified the code can be cleared thus reseting the light. Please call us for more info and a no obligation quotation.